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GlobCover/LandCover MERIS FR Mosaics

GlobCover and LandCover Mosaics GlobCover: This context shows annual MERIS FR composite. That mosaic is computed by averaging the surface reflectance values of the bimonthly product generated over one year.

LandCover: This context shows the Land Cover Classification. It's derived by an automatic and regionally-tuned classification of a time series of the MERIS FR Composites.
For maximum user benefit, the 22 land cover classes are defined with the UN Land Cover Classification System (LCCS).

MERIS FR composite and Land Cover Classification are a Iona project.

The Maps section on eoPortal allows you to explore geographical data from many sources, including data from Earth Observation satellites.

Various examples are shown, but users can also create their own map.

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ASAR WSM Mosaics

ASAR WSM Mosaics
This context provides access to the Envisat ASAR WSM orthorectified mosaics generated with G-POD (GRID Processing on Demand).

The mosaics are two; the first shows the Nile valley using ASAR WSM data from January to May 2006. The second is a mosaic of Europe built with a subset of ASAR data from January 2005 to January 2008.

An image processing technique has been used to reduce the effects due to the merging of different product stripes.

Boths mosaics are the result of an ESA Science, Application and Future Technology Department (EOPS) internal research project, widely supported by PECS-Grid project.
Mediterranean sea surface temperature Map

Mediterranean sea surface temperature Map
This context provides Mediterranean sea surface temperature images and makes use of data from the DUE/MEDSPIRATION project, the European Service for Precise Sea Surface, a real-time service for the production and delivery of high-resolution sea surface temperature from all available satellite sensors.

The data used for this context covers the period since 3 October 2004 and is updated on a daily basis.

The context also provides sea surface temperature at global scale from the GODAE GHRSST-PP (Global High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature) Pilot Project, Galapagos islands sea surface temperature and North-West Europe sea surface temperature.
DUE/TEMIS Global Ozone Map 

TEMIS Global Ozone Map
This context provides access to the DUE/TEMIS (Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service) Ozone data.

The images are updated on a daily basis and are available in near real time. The covered period starts from 11 March 2007.

In addition, with this context it is possible to overlay a large collection of browse images from ESA and other Third Party Earth Observation Missions available as part of the ESA multi-mission catalogue.
Other Maps  

ENVISAT ASAR mosaic of Antartica in Stereographic projection
Mosaics in polar stereographic projection of Antartica (~1 km resolution) produced with ENVISAT ASAR Global Monitoring (GM) products.

Oil Slick Monitoring
Oil slicks – covering the period from 1999 to 2002 - as detected in the Mediterranean Sea using ESA ERS SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images.

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